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My commitment to genuine results for my clients

I am completely committed to the success of my clients. Every plan is tailor-made for YOU! I use my expert knowledge about how the body works, professional training programs and highly-optimised food plans including macro-nutrients, gut health and specialised supplements that will take you further than you could go alone.

If you are serious about turning your body into a high performance machine and are willing to be held accountable then I guarantee you can achieve the results you are seeking!

I live by the same principles and programs that I teach and that is how I know that they really work!

My fitness mission

I want to genuinely show and help people how to achieve the body and physique of their dreams! I promise you that if you truly listen to me, do everything I say, and remain accountable, then YOU CAN achieve the body YOU WANT!

I know I can provide this by personally building customized plans for your individual needs which will get you real results.

All my plans include full meal plans, supplements, vitamins, macro-nutrient breakdown and workout programs designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Real people. Real results.

These are just some of the amazing success stories for people who have used a custom-made fitness plan from me. With dedication, real effort and expert assistance you too can achieve the body of your dreams!



I’ve been training with Anthony for about 2 years now. Since following his advice and guidance I have been able to achieve fat loss and gain muscle mass to the same level as a body building competitor. Anthony trains hard and pushes you to limits you didn’t know you had. He practices what he preaches and is a great coach if you want to take your health and fitness seriously. I have been able to maintain building lean muscle and keep the body fat down with his personalised programs. Anthony is one of a kind and doesn’t give you one set meal plan and training program like most other personal trainers, he is always changing it to suit your potential and what your body needs at each check in to achieve your desired goals. If you want real results for your health and fitness goals, Anthony will deliver.

Stefan Papavasiliou



When I started seeing Anthony as as my diet coach I was physically at the worst I had ever been at 108 kg and 35 % body fat and , both of our amazing dedication I got down to 88 kg at 8 percent body fat and now with the skills Anthony has taught me I am maintaining this as an everyday physique!!! Anthony has changed my life and now I’m never looking back Thanks mate 💪💪💪 lifestyle change not a diet 🤙

Kristian Halfpenny



Before signing with Anthony I was in a really bad headspace with regards to food. I found myself going from excessively eating to “bulk” then severely under eating to cut away the excessive fat I put on. Since following his protocols I have nearly doubled my caloric intake, added lean mass and lost fat. Having a coach who practices what he preaches has made me be more accountable and adhere to the plan. Even on days when motivation is low to train/do cardio, I know Anthony will be doing so and would expect the same from me. If you’re looking for a coach who’s going to have you eating more food and getting leaner, he’s your man ;)

Alex Payne

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Every fitness plan I personally design tailored to your individual needs which will get you real results. I guarantee no copy paste automated responses. You get me, a real fitness expert, looking after your needs, progress, performance and ensuring you stay on the right path to your success.